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This page features rare and previously unpublished material from The Human League's own archives, kindly scanned for Blind Youth by David Beevers.

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Electronically Yours sticker
A promotional sticker for the Electronically Yours single
Limit show advertisement
An advertisement for the League's September 1978 show at The Limit, Sheffield
Banshees tour ptogramme 1
  Banshees tour programme 2
A couple of pages from the Siouxsie & The Banshees tour programme, for the 1978 UK tour on which the League were the support act
Iggy Pop tour notes 1
  Iggy Pop tour notes 2
Iggy Pop tour notes 3
  Iggy Pop tour notes 4
Iggy Pop tour notes 5
Iggy Pop tour notes 6
Iggy Pop tour notes 7
Various notes relating to the League's 1979 tour with Iggy Pop
Reproduction artwork plan 1
Reproduction artwork plan 2
Reproduction artwork plan 3
Reproduction artwork plan 4
  Reproduction artwork plan 5
Handwritten artwork ideas for Reproduction
Repoduction master tape box 1
  Reproduction master tape box 2
Master tape boxes for Reproduction-era recordings
League postcard front
  League postcard back
A promotional Human League postcard
League biography page 1
League biography page 2
League biography page 3
League biography page 4
  League biography page 5
A Virgin Records biography of The Human League
Zero As A Limit film script page 1
  Zero As A Limit film script page 2
Zero As A Limit film script page 3
Zero As A Limit film script page 4
Zero As A Limit film script page 5
Zero As A Limit film script page 6
  Zero As A Limit film script page 7
The original script for Adrian Wright's short film Zero As A Limit, which was used at Human League concerts in late 1979
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