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  A biography in eleven parts...
Dead Daughters
Meat Whistle, Musical Vomit, Marsh and Ware join forces
The Future
Disco, punk and the Future sound of Sheffield
Introducing Philip
Enter Philip Oakey and THAT haircut
Fast Product
The League is born, a deal is struck and a manifesto declared
The Human League's first live show
Adrian Wright, the Banshees tour and a question of morality
Least Resistance
Jason Taverner secures the Virgin deal, European excess with Iggy
Automatic Stations
Reproduction, remote control and Monumental Pictures
Spirits Wilting
So-called Futurists, Travelogue, the cheek of the Undertones
No Future, They Say
Gary Numan takes the biscuit, Ian and Martyn take their leave
A Brand New Sound
1981 and beyond...