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This section offers mp3 files of early recordings by The Future and The Human League which were made before the League signed to Virgin and are currently commercially unavailable.
If you do not have an mp3 player with which to play these files, you can download one for free from here.
Alternatively, if you have RealPlayer or RealJukebox installed and use a 28K (or higher) modem, you can listen to a forty-second RealAudio excerpt of each track by selecting 'Preview'. If you need a RealPlayer, download the latest version of RealPlayer Basic for free here.

Martyn Ware has very kindly allowed the following demo recordings to be included on Blind Youth, so that fans may download them for their own private use. Martyn asks that the files are not used for commercial gain, so please respect his wishes or the files may have to be removed from the site. Thanks.

Each mp3 is sourced from cassette, so some background hiss will be audible. All mp3s are encoded at 128kb and all file lengths and sizes are approximate.
To download the preferred version, simply click on the appropriate link. If this does not work for you, try right-clicking on the link and selecting either "Save Target As" (if you use Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As" (if you use a Netscape browser). Then, specify where on your computer you wish to save the mp3.
The Future:
Looking For The Black Haired Girls
3' 40"
3,444 KB
Looking For The Black Haired Girls (RealAudio preview)
Pulse Lovers
3' 59"
3,742 KB
Pulse Lovers (RealAudio preview)
The Human League:
4' 59"
4,686 KB
Interface (RealAudio preview)
Disco Disaster
5' 01"
4,714 KB
Disco Disaster (RealAudio preview)
The Year Of The Jet Packs
3' 01"
2,834 KB
The Year Of The Jet Packs (RealAudio preview)
Dance Like A Star
3' 31"
3,302 KB
Dance Like A Star (RealAudio preview)
Above is what's thought to be the first recording of Dance Like A Star - listen to a RealAudio excerpt of the second recording, featuring Philip's hilarious ranting introduction here.
Since these songs were made available on this site, each of the tracks has been commercially released on the Dance Like A Star EP or The Golden Hour Of The Future (Black Melody). These releases offer superior sound quality to these mp3s, and you are advised to seek them out!
There's another mp3 on this site which may be of interest near the end of this page...