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This section details all tracks officially released by the original line-up of The Human League, and attempts to catalogue all unreleased material recorded by The Future and The Human League before the group split in 1980.
However, there is a chance that the details of unreleased material are incomplete. If you know of any Future or Human League material which should be listed here (or if you notice any errors!), please email Blind Youth with details - thank you.
Tracks are listed alphabetically by title (untitled material can be found under U), and are grouped into several sections, as follows:
Again The Eye Again, Almost Medieval, Austerity, Austerity / Girl One (medley)
Being Boiled, The Black Hit Of Space, Blank Clocks, Blind Youth
Cairo, C'est Grave, Circus Of Death, The Circus Of Dr Lao, Crow And A Baby, Cruel
Dada Dada Duchamp Vortex, Dance Like A Star, Dancevision, Daz, Depression Is A Fashion, The Dignity Of Labour, Disco Disaster, Dominion advertisement, Dominion jingle, Dreams Of Leaving
Empire State Human, 'Flexi Disc', 4JG, Future Religion, Girl One, Gordon's Gin
I Don't Depend On You, I Held You Underwater, Interface, Introducing, King Of Kings
The Last Man On Earth, Life Kills, Living On A Bombsite, Looking For The Black Haired Girls, Marianne, The Martyr, Morale...
New Pink Floyd, Night Clubbing, No Time, Once Upon A Time In The West [Funeral March], Only After Dark, Optimistic Anthem, Overkill Disaster Crash
The Path Of Least Resistance, Perfect Day, Pulse Lovers, QED
Reach Out [I'll Be There], Ring Mod Singing, River Deep Mountain High, Rock 'N' Roll, Rotation Club, Sandor Sandor, Stylopops
title unknown #1, title unknown #2, Titled U.N, The Touchables, Toyota City, Treatment, Treatments
The Voice Of Buddha, The Word Before Last, WXJL Tonight
The Year Of The Jet Packs, You Broke My Heart, You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling, Zero As A Limit
Entries from these sections can be viewed throughout this site, wherever the symbol appears alongside a song title.
For instance, clicking the symbol next to the following song title will display details of the song in a small window: Being Boiled. (This will only work in Javascript-enabled browsers, such as versions 4 to 6 of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.)
This should enable you to quickly navigate between any pages with details of the selected song, such as record and CD releases of the track and any lyrics it has.