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Here are some links to other resources which may be of interest...

The official Human League site at www.thehumanleague.co.uk - or rather it was; now redirecting to the official Human League page on Facebook
The Black Hit Of Space, and thehumanleague.dk - some of the unofficial League and League-related sites which span the group's whole career
The official Heaven 17 site - recently relaunched with details of their latest album
The Most Complete Heaven 17 page - detailed coverage of Martyn and Ian's past and current projects
Illustrious - Martyn's new venture with Vince Clarke
holdingsAV.com - former League manager Bob Last's site (direct link to Fast Product information)
Kinetic Engineering: a Clock DVA site - see what Adi Newton's been doing since leaving The Future
Secrets - the Human League message board!
Human Yahoo! Group - the largest e-mail discussion list for Human League fans
SheffieldVision.com - home page for the Made In Sheffield film, featuring The Human League, The Future, Heaven 17, 2.3 and other Sheffield artists such as Cabaret Voltaire, Pulp and ABC - see also the new book, Beats Working For a Living ~ The Story Of Popular Music In Sheffield 1973 to 1984
BBC links: TOTP2 archive - see a clip of the League's performance of Rock 'N' Roll on Top Of The Pops
The official Ex-Rental page on Facebook - Ex-Rental is the music-making project of Blind Youth's creator, Sean Turner, and the Elektrolad remix of his version of The Black Hit Of Space is exclusively available here: download the mp3
There are plenty more electronic/1980s links at RememberTheEighties.com, The Synthpop Network, synt.nu, Post-Punk.com and 80smusic.about.com
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See also the related sites, and help fight breast cancer, the destruction of the world's rainforests and more... again, it won't cost you a thing.