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Blind Youth was created with the kind and invaluable assistance of numerous people - many thanks to them all for their help:
Martyn Ware - for permitting the use of the demos in the Futuristic Sounds section.
Ian Craig Marsh - for his assistance with biographical details in The Way It Was.
David Beevers - for so much incredible audio and visual material (much of it on this site) and the fascinating studio visit.
Richard X - for making The Golden Hour Of The Future happen, and much-appreciated help and advice in other areas.
David Buckley - for the use of unpublished interview quotes, not to mention all the support and encouragement.
Simon Reynolds - for the use of material from his excellent book, Rip It Up And Start Again.
Joe Odukoya - for originally liaising with Martyn, contributing demos and much more besides.
Martin Wallace - for the loan of his MiniDisc player, used in the creation of the site's original mp3 files.
Simon Dell - for countless scans used throughout the site and for advice.
Ken Fegan - for incredibly generous contributions of rare material and little-known details.
Jon Dixon - for providing many of the press cuttings scanned for the News Headlines section.
Tony Briggs - for countless Television stills, details of unreleased tracks and forthcoming scans.
David Cooper - for advice and numerous other News Headlines and Old Imagery scans.
Jon Downing - for his many scans of press cuttings and other materials.
Simon Daw - for his input to the Songs They Didn't Know section.
Justin Mitchell - for the use of his collection of press cuttings.
Jesper –demark - for contributing the March 1979 NME scans in the News Headlines section.
Barry J Tomkinson - for assistance and advice in many areas.
Karen K - for the use of pictures from her Love & Dancing site.
Joe Carroll - for rare record sleeve and label images.
Paul Mennes - for a number of useful facts and figures.
Neil Jones - for the BEF promo sheet in the Rock 'N' Roll discography.
Robin Kennedy - for his generous contributions of research material.
Paul Rymer - whose Japan site (formerly Assemblage) was an inspiration, for slide scans.
Paul Bevan - for the Travelogue press release scans in the News Headlines section.
Damian Ramsey - for review scans in the News Headlines section.
Andy Coles - for photographing the Psalter Lane plaque in the Old Imagery section.
Stig Olsen, Ian J Harris, Andrew Jenkins, George Meakin, Mikael Ipsen - for the scans I'll one day finally find time to put on the site!
Martin Lacey (aka Martin X Russian) - the man behind the NMX fanzine reproduced in parts on this site.
My wonderful friend Kitty for location-seeking, constant encouragement and for generally being utterly fantastic.
And finally, thanks to the four original members of The Human League for daring to be different, for their splendidly tongue-in-cheek pretentiousness, for that haircut and for all their fabulous words and music... hopefully this site can help bring their brilliance to (and perhaps even inspire) a whole new audience for the 21st century...
Philip, Martyn, Ian and Adrian