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Travelogue UK sleeve


May 1980


LP/cassette, Virgin V2160/TCV 2160

CD released in 1989, Virgin CDV 2160

remastered CD released in 2003, Virgin CDVR2160

The Black Hit Of Space
  Crow And A Baby
Only After Dark
  The Touchables
Life Kills
  Gordon's Gin
Dreams Of Leaving
  Being Boiled *
Toyota City
  WXJL Tonight
additional tracks on CD:
Marianne *
  Boys And Girls
Dancevision **
  I Don't Depend On You ***
Rock 'N' Roll / Night Clubbing
  Cruel ***
Tom Baker
The second and final album by the early incarnation of The Human League was recorded in their own studio, Monumental Pictures, with Richard Manwaring co-producing all but two of the tracks (Toyota City and the re-recorded version of Being Boiled, which were taken from earlier recording sessions).
Released just as the UK's so-called Futurist (or New Romantic) scene was taking off, the album's use of electronic sounds and occasional dance rhythms was more warmly received by the public than Reproduction, and Travelogue reached Number 16 in the UK charts. However, some critics raised an eyebrow at the group's reliance on old songs (Toyota City and Being Boiled were two of their earliest compositions) and cover versions (Mick Ronson's Only After Dark and Jeff Wayne's Gordon's Gin, which themselves were released just weeks after covers of Rock 'N' Roll and Night Clubbing).
Critics also voiced concerns over the League's increasing use of traditional rock elements, which came as a disappointment to those who had hoped the group would forge a path towards a new electronic age of pop music, jettisoning tiresome rock clichés. It seems the group members were conscious of this as their later work would mostly shun rock influences in favour of pop and dance, with only the occasional nod towards Glitter beats and chants. As a whole though, Travelogue works well and can be considered a success, still outstripping most of its peers in terms of originality.
Curiously, the CD versions include both sides of the first Human League single not to feature Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh - Boys And Girls b/w Tom Baker (which reached Number 48 in the UK charts in early 1981).
The Canadian issue of Travelogue was released in a different sleeve (pictured right), similar to the Holiday '80 front cover, and the tracklisting also differed:
Travelogue Canadian sleeve
The Voice Of Buddha (the re-recorded version of Being Boiled under a different name), The Black Hit Of Space, Only After Dark, Life Kills, Dreams Of Leaving b/w Crow And A Baby, The Touchables, Gordon's Gin, Rock 'N' Roll/Night Clubbing, WXJL Tonight.
Similarly, the Australian issue also featured a different tracklisting, though the original sleeve and song titles were retained for this release:
Being Boiled, The Black Hit Of Space, Only After Dark, Life Kills, Dreams Of Leaving b/w Crow And A Baby, The Touchables, Rock 'N' Roll, Marianne (alternate version), Gordon's Gin, WXJL Tonight.
All tracks written by The Human League, except Only After Dark (M. Ronson/S. Richardson), Gordon's Gin (Jeff Wayne), Being Boiled/I Don't Depend On You/Cruel (Ware/Marsh/Oakey), Marianne (Marsh/Oakey/Ware), Dancevision (Marsh/Ware), Rock 'N' Roll (Glitter/Leander), Night Clubbing (Osterberg/Bowie), Tom Baker (Oakey/Wright) and Boys And Girls (Wright/Oakey)
Produced by The Human League & Richard Manwaring, except *The Human League and John Leckie, **Ian Marsh and Martyn Ware, *** Colin Thurston and The Men
Available on: Travelogue CD (Virgin CDVR2160)
Holiday '80 (single)
Only After Dark
Holiday '80 (single)
Only After Dark