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The Voice Of Buddha
This is simply the title under which Being Boiled was released on the Canadian edition of the second League LP. Presumably the Canadian record company thought this would be a more memorable title for the song?
Lyrics (see Holiday '80 / Travelogue version)
Released on the Canadian Travelogue LP
The Word Before Last
The League recorded three versions of this song, each offering only minimal variations in lyrical or musical content, but all of them having different titles.
First came the demo version, Again The Eye Again, which was retitled No Time shortly afterwards and recorded a second time for John Peel's BBC Radio One show. The final recording appeared on the group's debut album as The Word Before Last, which featured an excerpt from a TV interview with former British Prime Minister James Callaghan. The song became a favourite among many of their early fans, even though Philip had once remarked that it "could be construed as pretentious garbage"...

Ian and Martyn produced yet another version in 1981 as producers for dance troupe Hot Gossip, released on the Geisha Boys And Temple Girls album - see Miscellaneous releases (part one). This might have worked if it had not been spoiled by some unappetising sub-Toyah vocals...

Again The Eye Again released on the 'Human League cassette' and unofficially on In Darkness, and also included on the 'Taverner tape'
No Time released unofficially on In Darkness
The Word Before Last released on Reproduction
WXJL Tonight
One of the more sophisticated, warmer-sounding tracks on the League's second album, and effectively the last song released by the original line-up, being the last track on their final collection of new music.
The marvellously evocative lyrics describe the plight of a fictitious radio station named WXJL, which is having difficulty in attracting or retaining listeners. Set to a pleasingly original musical arrangement featuring juddering morse code-style synthesizers, this was in retrospect a fine (perhaps even apt) way to close the first chapter of the Human League's career.
Released on Travelogue and the German single release of Only After Dark