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Empire State Human
Probably the first overtly commercial track released under the Human League name, this song has a decidedly nursery rhyme feel about it.
The nonsensical lyrics tell of a bizarre longing to be "as big as a wall", while the rhythm thumps along somewhere between a military march and the Glitter rock to which the group would often refer in their 1980 releases.
The album/single version features heavily-treated backing vocals which lend an extra sci-fi element to the proceedings, though these were not present on the group's original demo version. This was a rather more raw-sounding affair, with Philip sounding breathless on lead vocals and drowned out by Martyn's few backing vocals at the end of the track. Also, the demo's synthesizer solo is a lot less noisy than the later version.
Useless trivia: an amusing tape of the group's May 1980 show at Birmingham University captured Philip's temporarily revised second verse of Empire State Human, following an minor accident that night: "With concentration... I just hit myself in the eye... and I can't see a f---ing thing... at least."
Ex-Rental remixed the song for Virgin Records in December 2002, though it's not yet known whether this remix will be commercially released. The remix replaces the original 3:4 marching beat with a more dance-oriented 4:4 rhythm, and also features alternate lead vocals on certain lines and some headphone 'leakage' from the original master tapes - note the differences in the lyrics page for this song.
Chamber have also remixed the song, opting to remain quite faithful to the original arrangement in their extended version which retains the 3:4 rhythm. The song was also covered by Optiganally Yours for the March Records album of League covers, Reproductions, in 2000, and by Marsheaux in 2007.
Demo version unreleased
Album/single version released on Empire State Human, Reproduction and The Very Best Of - see Compilations (part two)
Mile high mix by Ex-Rental currently unreleased
Chamber's Reproduced mix released on double CD edition of The Very Best Of - see Compilations (part two)
Promotional video released on VHS Greatest Hits (1995 edition only) and The Very Best Of DVD - see Compilations (part two)
'Flexi Disc'
This four-minute dialogue between the League and manager Bob Last was originally released on a 7" flexidisc, given away with The Dignity Of Labour.
The disc is mostly filled by discussions of what should be included on the flexi disc (!). This is followed by a short statement from Philip on what The Dignity Of Labour and its sleeve are meant to represent.
Released with The Dignity Of Labour and on Reproduction (CD only)
A curious Human League instrumental. It's not clear whether the recording was actually a completed track as it consists of little more than a few riffs, all played using the same synthesizer sound, over a simple fluttering dance beat faintly reminiscent of Dance Like A Star. It sounds as though this might have formed the basis for a more elaborate recording, but it seems the piece never evolved beyond this arrangement.
Released on The Golden Hour Of The Future
Future Religion
A doom-laden instrumental by The Future, mainly consisting of a synthetic medieval-style drone, with various electronic clanging sounds seemingly appearing at random.
Perhaps not surprisingly, this track was not scheduled for release on the cancelled compilation album, The Future Tapes - it's fairly unremarkable.
Released on The Golden Hour Of The Future
Funeral March
See Once Upon A Time In The West [Funeral March] (N - O).
Girl One
Originally recorded as an instrumental demo by Martyn and Ian prior to the League's formation, a second demo was produced when Philip joined them. Set to a pounding dance rhythm, the League's breezy demo featured some intriguing electronic percussion, reminiscent of certain African instruments.
However, it's unsurprising that the group decided to re-record the song as a medley with AusterityAusterity / Girl One song details for their debut album, as their Girl One demo lacked a proper introduction and ended rather abruptly. The medley overcame this problem, by using elements of Austerity at both ends of Girl One.
Demo versions unreleased
Medley with Austerity released on Reproduction
Gordon's Gin
An instrumental written by Jeff Wayne for a TV commercial advertising Gordon's Gin, which the League recorded three times. The two demos, recorded with a vaguely disco-influenced arrangement, formed the basis of the version played at many of the original group's live shows. The first demo was subtitled Inept (probably because it included a number of mistakes!) and was followed by a more sophisticated version, known simply as Gordon's Gin 2.
In 1980, the track was re-recorded for the Travelogue album, this time replacing the disco traces with a slightly harder, more urgent approach.
Demo versions unreleased
1980 version released on Travelogue