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Again The Eye Again
This is simply the original title of the track which later became The Word Before Last. A demo version of the song was recorded while it still had this title and featured slightly different lyrics. The music itself did not differ greatly from the final version released on the League's debut album.
According to the 'Taverner tape', this composition is "a study into the solely subjective existence of time". Obviously.
Demo version released on the 'Human League cassette' and In Darkness (unofficially)
Also included on the 'Taverner tape'
Almost Medieval
This song began life as an instrumental track recorded by The Future. Although the basic synthesizer melody was already evident on this version, the rhythm track was quite rudimentary and there was little more to the arrangement than various strange incidental sounds flying in and out of the mix.
When Philip joined Martyn and Ian, lyrics were added and the song was re-recorded as the opening track of the Human League's debut album. This version was driven by a much more powerful rhythm and certain additional melodies had a stronger 'medieval' flavour, in keeping with the song's title, though the lyrics are mostly obscure, with only vague references to stagecoaches and a return to "the age of men" (!). The lyrics were inspired by Philip K Dick's novel, Counter-Clock World, in which time goes backwards.
The song would usually begin differently when performed live; the opening keyboard sequence used on the album version would be replaced by a short series of drum beats before the group launched into the first verse.
The Future's version unreleased
The Human League's version released on Reproduction
This song was originally an instrumental piece, written and recorded by Ian and Martyn shortly after Adi Newton left The Future. This version was almost issued on Virgin's The Future Tapes before the album's release was cancelled.
The track was re-recorded with lyrics for the League's debut album, forming a medley with Girl One. It had previously had three other titles - Treatment , Depression Is A Fashion and The Martyr.
Instrumental version released as Treatment on Dance Like A Star
Austerity / Girl One (medley)
A medley of two songs, both of which had previously been recorded as separate tracks.
The League's medley is something of an epic (at six minutes and 38 seconds, it's one of the League's longest recordings) and the musical tone alternates between the bright, optimistic sounds of Girl One and the less certain moods of Austerity. Both songs reflect upon one of Philip's favourite early lyrical themes - the relationship between a father and a daughter.
Released on Reproduction