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Sounds, 19th April 1980
An advertisement for the Holiday '80 double single, using different artwork to that which was used on the actual record sleeve.
(Published by Spotlight Publications.)
Holiday '80 advertisement
Sounds, April 1980
A warm review of the Holiday '80 EP.
(Published by Spotlight Publications.)
Sounds review of Holiday '80
Smash Hits, April 1980
The lyrics for Rock 'N' Roll, as featured on the Holiday '80 double single and single. Also includes a lovely picture of Gary Glitter.
(Published by EMAP.)
Smash Hits lyrics, April 1980
Travelogue press release, May 1980
A League biography, including profiles of each member.
Note: these pages were stapled together, hence the folds on two pages.
(Published by Virgin Records.)
Travelogue press release, page 1 of 3 Travelogue press release, page 2 of 3 Travelogue press release, page 3 of 3
Smash Hits, 29 May - 11 June 1980
A poster of the group in live performance.
(Published by EMAP.)
Smash Hits poster, May/June 1980
New Musical Express, w/e 12 July 1980
Two features on the group appeared in this edition of the NME.
The first was an interview with the well-known rock writer Charles Shaar Murray, followed by the second feature, in which The Human League offered advice on the purchase of electronic musical equipment (!).
Both features contain a number of little-known facts about the group, with a healthy dose of League humour... not to mention some very evident tension between Philip and Martyn in the music shop...
(Published by IPC Magazines Ltd.)
NME 12 July 1980 (front cover)
NME 12 July 1980 (page 48)
NME 12 July 1980 (from page 49)
NME 12 July 1980 (from page 50)
NME 12 July 1980 (from page 51)
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