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Music For Stowaways sleeve

March 1981


limited edition cassette, Virgin TCV 2888 (re-issued as OVEDC 230)

Optimum Chant
  Music To Kill Your Parents By
Uptown Apocalypse
  The Old At Rest
Wipe The Board Clean
  Rise Of The East
Groove Thang
  Decline Of The West
This rare cassette was Martyn and Ian's first B.E.F. release following the split of the original League line-up. It's included here because the second track, Uptown Apocalypse, featured their former partner in the The Future, Adi Newton, on guitar and synthesizer (he also co-wrote the track).
An alternate version of this collection was exported on vinyl to territories outside the UK. Entitled Music For Listening To, it featured a different tracklisting (Groove Thang, Optimum Chant, Uptown Apocalypse, B.E.F. Ident b/w A Baby Called Billy, Rise Of The East, Music To Kill Your Parents By) and catalogue number (BEF 1). In 1997, Virgin's US label Caroline Records released a CD edition of Music For Listening To (Carol 1124-2), with three extra tracks (Wipe The Board Clean, The Old At Rest and Decline Of The West) which were previously included only on the Music For Stowaways version of the collection.
Click here to see a scan of the information sheet which accompanied promotional copies of the album...
Uptown Apocalypse written by Marsh/Ware/Newton/Turner
Uptown Apocalypse produced by B.E.F. (executive production by Bob Last)

Geisha Boys And Temple Girls sleeve



LP, Dindisc DID 13

Soul Warfare*
  Geisha Boys And Temple Girls*
Houses In Motion**
I Don't Depend On You
  The Word Before Last
Burn For You***
  Circus Of Death
Hot Gossip were a British dance troupe created by choreographer Arlene Phillips, and they appeared regularly on British DJ Kenny Everett's TV comedy show in the late 1970s. With singer Sarah Brightman guesting on lead vocals, they scored a UK Number Six hit in 1978 with I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper, one of many dubious 'space'-themed records released to cash in on the success of the first Star Wars film.
In truth, Hot Gossip contributed little more to the single than a spot of dancing in the video and Sarah Brightman dispensed with their services for her follow-up single, The Adventures Of The Love Crusader (shrewdly credited to Sarah Brightman & the Starship Troopers). But someone somewhere clearly thought there was a market for further Hot Gossip records, despite the fact that the dancers couldn't actually sing particularly well.
Work on this album began in 1981, wiith Richard James Burgess (who had already recorded a Hot Gossip single, Criminal World, with his band Landscape) in the producer's chair. The album was to be a collection of cover versions, entitled The Hollywood Jungle, featuring songs by The Psychedelic Furs, The Rolling Stones, Adam & The Ants, The Police and Talking Heads, among others. I Don't Depend On You sleeve
However, Richard eventually abandoned the project, leaving Geoff Westley to complete production of Houses In Motion. Martyn and Ian were then asked to salvage an album from the inconclusive sessions.
They decided to ditch most of the material and took the opportunity to fill 75% of the record with new recordings of their own Human League and Heaven 17 songs, retaining only the Talking Heads and Police numbers (Houses In Motion and Burn For You respectively). The album was finished within just two weeks and renamed after one of the Heaven 17 covers it now included.
Soul Warfare (a Heaven 17 song from their debut album, Penthouse & Pavement) was issued as a single (DIN 38 and DIN 38/12) in February 1982, backed by a mercifully instrumental version. This was followed by the release of Hot Gossip's attempt at the single the League had released as The Men, I Don't Depend On You (DIN 39, pictured above, and the extended 12" version, DIN 39/12), which was backed by an alternate version, Depend On Us. Like every other Hot Gossip release since their 1978 hit, all of these records failed to reach the charts. Hot Gossip VHS sleeve
Thorn EMI also released a VHS video edition of the album (catalogue number TVE 90 0532 2 - click on sleeve pictured right for larger version). This featured Hot Gossip performing songs from the LP, plus two bonus tracks - a cover of Adam & The Ants' Press Darlings, and Love On The Phone, thought to be a cover of the Fellini Suzanne song, though this is unconfirmed. It's not known whether these bonus tracks were BEF productions.
All LP tracks written by Marsh/Oakey/Ware except *B.E.F./Gregory, **Byrne/Eno/Talking Heads, ***Sting
All LP tracks produced by The British Electric Foundation except **Geoff Westley
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