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The Dignity Of Labour sleeve


April 1979


12" single, Fast Product FAST 10

This EP consisted of four experimental instrumental pieces and gained little radio airplay as a result. It included a free 7" flexidisc single (catalogue number F10X), on which the group and manager Bob Last debated the possible contents of the flexidisc (!). The sleeve featured a photograph of Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin on his way to receive a decoration for becoming the first person to travel in outer space.

An extract from The Dignity Of Labour had previously been available in a semi-official form on the mail order-only Human League Cassette. On the extract, Philip provided a commentary, which was not used on the EP.

Reviewing the record for Sounds, Chris Westwood declared it 'single of the week', describing it as "a minor masterpiece; moody, evocative, provocative. It fulfils with a (subtle?) vengeance so much of what's been scrawled about the League so far whilst exposing a new facet of both their capabilities and interest."
However, the release of the EP did little to capitalise on interest in the group at the time. Philip: "It was a bad mistake doing it at that time, because everyone had decided we were a pop band, and we put that out and it sounded like Amon Duul or something."
All tracks written by Marsh/Ware, except flexidisc (credited to Marsh/Oakey/Ware)
Produced by The Human League

EP and flexidisc available on: Reproduction CD (Virgin CDV 2133)

Human League Cassette
The 'Human League cassette'
The 'Taverner tape'