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In Darkness (bootleg) sleeve


late 1981?

IN DARKNESS (unofficial 'bootleg' album)

LP, RTS003

Blind Youth (demo)
  Dancevision (demo)
Interface (listed as Year Of The Jet Packs) (demo)
  No Time (Radio One)
Again The Eye Again (demo)
  You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (Radio One)
Toyota City (demo)
  Being Boiled (Radio One)
    Blind Youth [Progression] (Radio One)
This is an illegal release, issued without the consent of The Human League, Virgin Records or the BBC, and was not available in the average high street record shop.
However, despite the poor sound quality of the record, it is of some interest to fans, as it features unreleased material from 1979's so-called 'Human League cassette', plus other recordings made for John Peel's influential late-night show on BBC Radio One, also in 1979.
Of the demo recordings, two were commercially released, unchanged: Toyota City appeared on the free Only After Dark single, and Dancevision was part of both the Holiday 80 double single and single (later appearing on the Travelogue CD also).
Two of the remaining three demos (Blind Youth and Again The Eye Again) were later re-recorded for the Reproduction album (Again The Eye Again would be re-titled The Word Before Last).
The mis-labelled Interface is an instrumental which remains officially unreleased on vinyl or CD, though it can be heard in the Futuristic Sounds section of this site. The demos are separated by the Dominion jingle', though this is not listed on the sleeve or label.
The Radio One recording, No Time, is another early version of The Word Before Last. This was re-recorded for the Reproduction album, as were Blind Youth and You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (which is rather shorter and slightly faster in this version, and excludes Reproduction's segue with Morale...).
It seems the album was released in two different sleeves, one of which is pictured above. The other sleeve is said to sport a poor reproduction of a group photograph taken from the New Musical Express in July 1980, which depicts the group standing together in front of a projected slide of a hand (see group pictures in the Old Imagery section of this site).
All tracks by Marsh/Oakey/Ware, except Toyota City (The Human League), Dancevision (Marsh/Ware) and You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (Spector/Mann/Weil), though the writing credits for Interface are unspecified.
Demos produced by The Human League, Radio One recordings produced by Bob Sargeant and engineered by Mike Robinson.
LP not generally available, though some 'specialist' dealers may have a copy.
Only After Dark
The Future Tapes (unreleased)
Only After Dark