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'Jason Taverner' dialogue (1), (2) and (3)
(1) - introduction to the 'Taverner tape'
Hi, I'm Jason Taverner
and I'm here to introduce this third demonstration tape
by a great group of guys, The Human League.
I first met The Human League when they appeared on my network TV show last year.
Then, and a couple of times since that they've played a song for us,
I was impressed that here was a bunch of lads
who were doing something new and melodic in music
when the majority of bands were just trying to shock people.
Here is the boys' optimistic anthem, 'Blind Youth'...
(2) - between Again The Eye Again and Toyota City on the 'Taverner tape'
That last song was a study into the solely subjective existence of time
called 'Again The Eye Again'.
Preceding it was an instrumental entitled 'Interface',
the basic theme of which was written for my best-selling LP record,
'There'll Be A Good Time With Taverner Tonight'.
Coming next is 'Toyota City', a mock-oriental tune...
(3) - between Zero As A Limit and You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling on the 'Taverner tape'
You have just heard 'The Path Of Least Resistance',
followed by 'Zero As A Limit', which is also known as 'QED'.
Besides their interest in contemporaneity,
The Human League have a healthy respect for the past.
Here, courtesy of the BBC, is their version of a well-loved standard...