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'The Future Tapes' spoken introduction
In 1977, two computer personnel, Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware,
together with a long-time friend and colleague, Adi Newton,
began a unique experiment in popular music
Their goal was to create a new type of commercially-acceptable composition
utilising only sound sources of electronic origin
Although the means which were available to them at that time were crude -
they only had a relatively unsophisticated two-track tape recorder
and no mixing facility - these first recordings demonstrate an ambition
matched only by their resourcefulness
This ambition inspired them to contact several major commercial
recording companies in August 1977
The first band on Side One of this record
consists of extracts taken from the demonstration cassette
which, at the time, aroused only cursory interest
in the seven record companies to whom the tape was presented
Ironically, one of the few companies whose invitation The Future declined
was Virgin Records, who were later to sign The Human League
to a long-term worldwide recording contract
Bands two to six are representative of material produced immediately
after the departure of Adi Newton, who subsequently formed Clock DVA
It is of interest to note that Morale... and Depression Is A Fashion
were later to form the basis of the instrumental backings
for two tracks on the Human League album, Reproduction
Bands seven to eleven and thirteen date from the period
immediately preceding the formation of The Human League
The Last Man On Earth appears here in an abbreviated form,
the original lasting a surprising one hour and thirty-seven minutes
Band twelve, C'est Grave, is the result of a collaboration
with producer, engineer and vocalist Timothy Pearce
The Death March forms the basis for this prophetic fusion
between contemporary dance music and the classics
As mentioned earlier, the rudimentary nature of the equipment
and techniques used in these recordings means that
inevitably the overall quality of reproduction will suffer
We hope these factors will not impair your enjoyment of this record
All of the recordings used, except for bands one and twelve,
were originally realised in mono and have been electronically re-processed
to produce an enhanced stereo effect
Here is 1977 - the golden hour of The Future