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Holiday '80 double single sleeve


April 1980

MARIANNE b/w Dancevision*

BEING BOILED b/w Rock 'N' Roll/Night Clubbing

7" double single, Virgin SV 105

Limited to just 10,000 copies, this EP, subtitled Holiday '80, included Dancevision, a new version of Being Boiled (which would also appear on the Travelogue album the following month) and a medley of two cover versions - Gary Glitter's 1972 hit single Rock 'N' Roll and Iggy Pop's Night Clubbing, originally co-written and produced by David Bowie for Iggy's 1977 album The Idiot.

Two versions of Marianne were completed, but the alternate version (which featured different backing vocals and effects, Philip singing the first verse one octave higher and a new ending) has only appeared in remixed and re-edited form on an Australian release of the Travelogue album. Of this version, Philip said, "We did a nice version of Marianne - much better than the Holiday '80 one. I think it was great - one of the best things we've ever done - but Virgin wouldn't put it out because they didn't like it."

The EP didn't sell as well as Virgin had hoped, reaching only Number 80 in the UK charts, so the double pack was quickly replaced by a single record. There were two mispressed versions of the double pack, one of which had the following tracklisting: Being Boiled b/w Marianne, Dancevision (disc one) and Being Boiled b/w Rock 'N' Roll/Night Clubbing (disc two). The labels on the second mispressing listed the correct tracklisting on each record, but actually duplicated the contents of the first disc on the second disc.
In early 1982, when EMI reissued the Fast Product debut single in the wake of the success of Don't You Want Me, Virgin quickly re-released Holiday '80, presumably to cash in on the interest in Being Boiled. They even cunningly added the song's title to the sleeve (pictured above), which had not featured on the original sleeve in 1980. This reissue of the EP entered the UK charts on February 6 1982 and peaked at Number 46 during its five-week chart run.

A 12" version (SV 105-12) was also prepared for the UK, but never released, though a 12" edition was released in Japan (pictured below), with the additional track, Toyota City [long version]. A few of the UK copies have appeared over the years and it contains the same tracks as the correctly pressed double pack. The back sleeve of the Japanese 12" featured a small article on the League, which roughly translates as follows (thanks to George Meakin for this):

"Developed towards new area with passing time. The most remarkable thing is a group of alternative music that is Genesis P. Orridge, of Throbbing Gristle making Industrial music for concrete people. In England this sort of group came from industrial cities. Cabaret Voltaire and The Human League are typical groups of Sheffield. Both perform without drummers - in particular The Human League perform with synthesisers.
Japanese Holiday '80 12"
"It's a very typical modern group creating alternative music. The Human League is alternative with pop music. They create dance music for industrial people - Holiday '80 EP by The Human League is written by Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware. Ian and Martyn play synthesisers and were then joined by Philip Oakey who plays synthesisers too. And finally Philip Adrian Wright joins them - they are contracted to Fast Product, a minor label in Edinburgh. June 1980."
Incidentally, the four images on the right-hand side of all Blind Youth pages are taken from the UK EP's gatefold inner sleeve (they also appeared on the back of the unreleased 12" sleeve). The EP's front cover features a photograph of Coney Island, which was taken by the League from a television screen whilst watching the film On The Town with the colour and contrast controls on their maximum settings.
Marianne written by Marsh/Oakey/Ware, Dancevision written by Marsh/Ware, Being Boiled written by Ware/Marsh/Oakey, Rock 'N' Roll written by Glitter/Leander, Night Clubbing written by Osterberg/Bowie
Produced by The Human League & John Leckie, except *Ian Marsh & Martyn Ware
EP available on: Travelogue CD (Virgin CDV 2133)
Empire State Human
Holiday '80 (single)
Empire State Human
Holiday '80 (single)